Relocation of machines and heavy loads 

The company Europe Automotive Holding a.s. offers its clients complete and professional relocation of machines and facilities, assembly and disassembly of all operation media, preparation and provision of handling and transport equipment. Consultancy prior to and during relocation.

The relocation of machines and facilities is such a specific issue, that each inquiry has to be calculated individually, based on an inspection of the given transport site of the facility, which has to be relocated. 

The goal of the company Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is to offer its clients the highest quality of services, while meeting set time limits. All contracts are calculated in such a way, that it burdens the client or the given organization as little as possible. That is why, we offer complete turnkey operations. For this purpose we have the needed equipment and permanent staff at our disposal and because of that, we are able to solve given tasks, while maintaining the highest quality.

When relocating machines, production and assembly lines, we are proceeding systematically by taking individual steps:

  • Layout coordination with reality
  • Documenting of mechanical equipment
  • Provision of packing and fixation materials
  • Disconnection from media supply
  • Disassembly of lines, dismantling into transportable parts
  • Moving out of the premises
  • Loading
  • Transport
  • Unloading
  • Moving in into new premises
  • Line assembly according to the new layout
  • Anchoring to the floor
  • Balancing
  • Installation and connection to all required media

It goes without saying, that we provide distribution installations of electricity, air, technical gases, cooling water, air-conditioning including suction and data, production of steel tanks or required constructions.
In the whole Czech Republic and in the countries of the European Union, we provide professional technology relocation, including complete assembly and disassembly of production lines.

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