We offer workshop welding of stainless steel. We perform assemblies of stainless pipe works including the delivery of pipes, fittings, fixtures etc. for air, technical gas, cooling and other distribution systems.

  • complete solution proposal according to client´s requests including project documentation
  • complete delivery of materials
  • use of the required mechanization
  • delivery and assembly of distribution system fittings
  • assembly of distribution systems
  • coating and insulation of distribution systems
  • tests and revisions

Steam heating and distribution systems

Boiler rooms without output limitation, distribution systems (stainless steel, steel), generators, Sahara heating systems, exchanger stations, air-conditioning units, steam rinsing


Boiler rooms without output limitation, distribution systems (stainless steel, steel, PVC, copper), floor heating, convectors, radiators, air-conditioning units, transfer stations, solar heating, heat pumps


Engine rooms, sources, distribution systems, insulation, suspension systems

Gas plumbing

Boiler rooms, connections, distribution systems, radiators, natural gas, compressed air, medicinal gases, propane and others

Water plumbing

Boosting stations, distribution systems, connections, water treatment plants

Remote heating

Hot water piping, steam piping, gas piping, water piping, drainage, pre-insulated systems

Thermal insulation

Mineral, polyethylene and natural rubber insulation, various PVC surface finishes, aluminum, copper or stainless steel plating.

Air-conditioning and suction

Pipeline distribution, smoke extraction from welding shops, air-conditioning units, end elements.

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