Fire safety solutions

Fire valves  can be sealed off with anti-fire seals, or they can be used to create a complex anti-fire seal-off-system, by installing cables, pipes and seams into fire dividing constructions in buildings. The company Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is entitled to assemble and inspect fire seals according to regulation No. 246/2001 coll., § 6, par. 2, § 10 par. 2 § 7, by using the systems HILTI, INTUMEX and DUNAMENTI.

The certificate applies to the installment of anti-fire protection to pipeline passages, PVC pipes, metal pipes, construction seams and anti-fire cable painting/spraying, including the carrying out of test required according to regulation No. 246/2001 coll. of the Ministry of Interior.

Products from the category of anti-fire seals are

  • anti-fire rings
  • sealants
  • foaming belts
  • anti-fire belts
  • coatings
  • anti-fire laminates
  • flexible blocks
  • anti-fire bags

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