Industry field

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. carries out standard activities, such as relocation of products and stock, including manipulation with fragile facilities. Simultaneously we also carry out special activities in various industrial fields, such as disassembly of outdated technological units, disassembly of pipe works and wiring, disassembly and ecological removal of outdated machinery, manipulation with heavy technological parts, assembly, cleaning, fitting, assembly of new and disassembly of used industrial machinery, relocation of production plants, including the connection of machines to new outlets throughout Europe, we provide lifting mechanisms and transports. We carry out free fitting - without balancing, balancing of machines and facilities, anchoring to steel anchors, anchoring for chemistry with the materials SIKLA, HILTI, FISCHER and others.

We are also supplying industrial distribution systems for collectors, in the above-ground implementation, compound distribution systems, above-ground fittings for compressed air, DEMI water, cooling water, heating water, fire water, natural gas distribution, inert gas distribution, hot water distribution, steam and heat lines, oil distribution, distribution systems for the transport of liquid food media and mixtures and distribution of chemical substances and products.

Power engineering

In this field, Europe Automotive Holding a.s. can offer everything related to production, distribution and consumption of heat. We deliver a solution that fits you and that of course on a turnkey basis. Our deliveries include everything that is required, from analysis and project documentation to delivery and assembly of facilities including commissioning, pressure and other required tests, accompanying technical documentation and user manuals for the operating staff. Our deliveries are complete. They cover machine and technology fields, electrical systems and systems for measurement and regulation including the construction of boiler rooms and pipe lines. Considering the heat carrying medium it is regarding steam boiler rooms, hot water and warm water boiler rooms. For the distribution off of installed sources, we deliver standard and pre-insulated pipe works for drain free primary and secondary fittings also in the above ground version SIPRO. Furthermore, we deliver and implement distribution systems of hot and cold service water, of heat and cold, distribution systems for the transport of food media and products, distribution system of health-technical facilities including sewerage, distribution systems for natural gas, inert gases and air.

Distribution system materials: stainless steel and its pipe fitting for the chemical and food processing industry, plastic pipes, zinc-plated pipeline systems and steel.